World Sparrow Day 2015 – 20th March


World Sparrow day is celebrated on March 20th of every year to raise awareness of the House Sparrow and other birds to the urban areas and to awaken the threats of their population. This has been initiated by Nature Forever Society of India with several other international organizations across the world.

The first World Sparrow Day was celebrated in 2010 across the world.

World Sparrow Day has been commenced to offer a platform for people who are working on conservation of house sparrow and is celebrated to appreciate the biodiversity and also to build networks to exchange ideas leading to better results.

But, why did the house sparrows suddenly disappear from our cities?

Around 15 years ago, this question has been posted in Independent newspaper with a claim price of £5,000 for a scientific explanation. And, surprisingly the money still remains unclaimed.

The reason for this mystery might be due to agricultural chemicals, mobile phones, lead pollution or even due to the changing lifestyle of our homes without trees. But, there is no specific reason why these tiny birds left our home suddenly. Whatever is the reason, today, the extinction of house sparrow may also cause a risk to humans in the upcoming decades.

It is sad to know our lifestyle is degrading the quality of our health and lives!!

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