10 Top World’s Largest Dog Breeds

We all love dogs, don’t we? They stay as our companion till the end. They give happiness to us. They be very loyal and also provide security to us. Therefore live up your life having a best companion with no demands!

If you are planning to gift yourself with a dog, then you might pop yourself up with too many questions. Like, what color? Powerful dog or not? Big or small dog? Etc. Check out this info where largest breed dogs can indeed make you feel surprised!!

1. Great Dane

great dane - largest dog in the world

It is described as the world’s biggest dog. It is a beautiful dog coated with common colors such as blue, black, and brindle.

Good Qualities: It is originally related as a hunting dog, but now it can be bred as a companion dog. It is a well-manned breed with its children.

Weight: 54 to 90 Kg – Male and 45 – 59 kg – Female

Height: 30 to 34 inches – Male and 28 to 32 inches – Female

2. Irish Wolfhound


These dogs are quite intelligent and patient type. They are one among the generous breeds. Children love them for their nature.

Good Qualities: It is powerful. And also it threatens any strangers by its courageous behavior. Irish dogs are not recommended for guard purposes.

Weight: 55 kg – Male and 47 Kg – Female

Height: 30 to 34 Inches – Male and 28 to 32 Inches – Female

3. Leonberger

Leonberger biggest dogs in the world

This has some similar characteristics of wild Lion. You can make it as a companion by showing your care and affection. They are one among the self-disciplined animals.

Good Qualities:  It is a powerful breed. It actually needs more exercise and it does love to spend time in playing or walking.

Weight: 45 to 68 Kg – Male and 40 to 64 Kg – Female

Height: 30 Inches – Male and 28 Inches – Female

4. English Mastiff


The world’s heaviest dog! It is indeed heavy in terms of its mass neglecting its height. Its is originated from England, it serves as a watchdog for homes.

Good Qualities: It is described as a devoted guard dogs and it also controls predator population. It is very loyal to his master.

Weight: 72 Kg – Male and 68 Kg – Female

Height: 30 Inches – Male and 27 inches – Female

5. Saint Bernard

St.Bernard largest dog

They good-natured dogs are great at rescuing people. For this great characteristics, one has to keep training at its best.

Good Qualities: It has good characteristics of being patient and has a noticeable personality.

Weight: 54 to 90 Kg – Average Male and Female

Height: 28 Inches – Male and 25 Inches – Female

6. Newfoundland

Newfoundland biggest dog

These dogs have great characteristics of extreme loving, caring. They are actually meant to be working dogs. They are great at swimming.

Good Qualities: It is quite silent in nature and also it is a prestigious dog.

Weight: 59 to 68 kg male and 45 to 54 kg female

Height: 27 to 30 Inches – Male and 24 to 27 Inches – Female

7. Kuvasz

Kuvasz largest dog breeds

It is simply beautiful breed originated from Hungary. It is one among the smaller big dogs. They are well suited for guarding the livestock.

Good Qualities: It has a very impressive bold characteristic and well defending quality when it strikes any enemies.

Weight: 45 to 52 Kg – Male and 32 to 41 Kg – Female

Height: 28 to 30 Inches – Male and 26 to 28 Inches – Female

8. Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd biggest dogs of the world

This type of breed is useful for protecting flocks of goat and sheep. They have high potential in terms of strength which in turn involves in killing wolves or any other predators.

Good Quality: They have qualities of being calm and they do protect in guarding.

Weight: 45 to 68 Kg – Male and 41 to 59 Kg – Female

Height: 28 to 30 Inches – Male and 26 to 28 Inches – Female

9. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees largest dog in the world

They are intelligent dogs who are courageous, independent and hardworking. Pyrenees dog requires training if not they become uncontrollable. They do better at cooler climates.

Good Qualities: They seem to be the easiest dog to live with. These majestic looking dogs are fearless but kind-hearted too.

Weight: 45 Kg – Male and 38 Kg – Female

Height: 27 to 32 Inches – Male and 25 to 29 Inches – Female

10. Kangal

kangal biggest dog

Kangal is a powerful and heavy-boned dog which is used as a guard dog in Turkey. They are not suitable for indoors however a fencing is required to keep it in control.

Good Qualities: They are alert and responsive that makes them as watchdog. Kangal never feel shy and are always courageous.

Weight: 50 to 66 Kg – Male and 41 to 54 kg – Female

Height: 30 to 32 Inches – Male and 28 to 30 Inches – Female


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