Top 10 Best Kinds of Parrots

Feathered Angels – Know the top 10 best kinds of Parrots

Do you have a parrot? Just have a look with their eyes with your whole heart, they will have thousands of stories to share with you. They are the feathered angels that perches completely in the soul and sings the song with no words but doesn’t stop at all. Parrots are best companions that they bear greater personality than other pets. Now, let’s have a talk about the different kinds of parrots which are highly smarter enough.

1 Cockatiels

Cockatiels are also known as Quarrion and the Weiro, this is a member of the cockatoo family. These are often called as the No.1 pet in parrots by Americans. They are usually talented whistlers and that too male cockatiels are highly known for their whistle serenade, in fact, these are fond of whistling than talking. While not whistling or foraging food, it spends its time snuggling with desired person’s shoulder. It is perfect for apartment house living. These are available as pets at a lower cost than other species parrots.

Cockatiels hd stills and images

2 African Grey Parrots

African gray parrots are highly intelligent ones which usually have serious commitments and are great for lifelong companions. Anyone who have or had this parrot, won’t tell it as a pet rather it will turn out as one among them that gives cherished and unique memories. There are two general types Congo and Timneh. These are beautiful, crazy, playful and very intelligent that brings joy and laughter in life.

top 10 Parrots list - African Grey Parrots

3 Budgerigars

These are really beautiful creatures which come usually in huge varieties and colors. Most of the peoples prefer these birds as fascinating pets despite their diminutive sizes. These attract peoples by its stunning color, good-natured personality, social ability and intellect. These are affordable pets and are easily available in pet stores. Apart from everything, these are very easy to care.

top best 10 Parrots - Budgerigars

4 Cockatoos

Cockatoos are highly smart and interested birds that love to show off themselves. They make an amusing display by their head, outstretched wings, dancing, bobbing and more. They highly need your concentration, warmth, and interaction. They need you to spend a considerable amount of time with it for playing daily if it is a single Cockatoo but if it is two, then it will be ideal. Cockatoos are considered to be long-lived of all parrots.

top 10 parrots in the world

5 Conures

These are popular pet companions that are available in wide range of colors. These are small to medium sized with long feathers. These are very playful, cuddly and even very loud. These are bold species instead of shy and cautious. They need plenty of toys to play in order to feel contented. It is very much loved for its playful and outgoing personality. It loves to be with people.

Top 10 Best Kind Of Parrots - images and stills

6 Macaws

Macaws are colorful tropical parrots. These are omnivorous that feeds on nuts and fruits from trees, insects, eggs, small reptiles, and mammals. They are a habitat of flying long distances to find food in the morning. It is the largest species of the parrot. They are becoming popular as pets nowadays. They have large and powerful beaks. They are intelligent and social birds. Some of the species even mimic the human speech.

Top 10 Best Kind Of Pet Parrots - macaws

7 Poicephalus

These are fun loving birds and are good talkers if the owner spends time with Poicephalus to teach them words and phrases. These are intensely devoted to their owners. These are very social, cuddly and outstanding talkers. Their vocal is comprised of squeaks, chirps, and whistles with higher decibel but it is possible to teach them the quieter and acceptable sound.

Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds - poicephalus

Amazon Parrots

These type of parrots have short and blunt tail feathers. These are striking birds with the variety of colors and be the most popular option as a pet. But, it requires experienced bird owners to handle it.

Top 10 Best Kind Of Pet Parrots - amazon parrots

9 Quaker Parrots

Recently, Quaker parrots are considered as an avian pet which has exotic beautiful colors, size and as well talking ability. These birds usually have a life span of around 25 – 30 years. Whoever need a bird with parrot personality except size can opt for this Quaker Parakeet.

top 10 beautiful parrots - quaker parrots

10 Alexandrine Parakeet

These are medium sized birds and will reach up to 25 inches. These usually have long and elegant tail feathers. Their average lifespan is 40 years if maintained properly. These usually turn out as the loving and affectionate pets for the desired persons and very intelligent. If trained properly with words and phrases, these are wonderful species for talking and are best companions.

top 10 parrots deatils - Alexandrine Parakeet

But remember, no parrots can be better than the other as every parrot have its unique mesmerizing skill. Be the favored person of them and they know how to make you ease at your sad times. Worth living with these birds as these are very loving and attention-grabbing which will definitely make our worries stand apart from us.

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