15 Dog Training Tips to Get Dog Come to You when Called

When your dog was young he followed your every command but, when he became older he refuses to listen to you or that he does just the opposite of what you say. For example, when you ask your dog to come to you, he either stands their reluctantly or runs in the opposite direction. But don’t get disappointed there is hope.

Here are 15 training tips to make your dog to obey you.

1. Always reward him

When your dog comes to you (even if it’s a rare case), don’t forget to reward him. Play, praise and even allow him to go run again. And that’s where the difference is made. And this will remind him that if he comes to you it means good things.

reward your dog

2. Get low

Getting down to your knees and pretending to be less imposing will make your dog come to you. It also allows you to get hold of his collar so that he doesn’t run again.

3. Don’t punish him

Even if your dog stole something from the table, don’t punish him when he comes to you. For your dog, it is punishing him for coming and not for stealing.

don't punish dogs

4. Act excited

Excited words, open arms and other happy things will make your dog to come to you. To your dog, it means that you are having a lot of fun in the place where you are.

5. Never repeat the cue

When your dog doesn’t come to you even when you keep calling, you give him the feeling that he can ignore you. Instead, say it in a better way and say it only if you are sure that your dog is going to obey you.

dog training tips

6. Entice him with a Toy

This is like bribery. But it should be used only in the very early period of training when you have a dog that doesn’t come to you. And you have to work to the point where the toy is not visible. If you have a dog that comes to you only if you show him a toy then, you have a problem, so work to evade it and start to reward him.

7. Avoid calling him for something he really hates

If your dog hates bath, nail trimming or car then, don’t call him to do something he hates. Do you like people who call you to them and throw spider at you? No, instead go and get him.

avoid calling dog for something he really hates

8. Never chase

If you have a dog that doesn’t come to you, avoid chasing him when he runs away from you. Instead have him drag a long cord so as to step on it when he starts to run.

9. Run away

This is real fun but don’t do it if your dog is in danger. But it can be a great idea if your dog loves to chase. This is only possible if your dog can see you. But for some dogs, it is enough if you walk away so as to make him think “wait don’t leave me alone”

10. Hide

Most dogs will like this game only if your there. But if you suddenly disappear, i.e. hide behind a tree or rock or behind your house it is less fun and he actually will run to find you.

11. Catch and Release

This is one way to teach your dog that coming to you doesn’t stop his fun. Ask your dog to come to you and when he comes, make him sit, praise him and then release him to do whatever he pleases. This is really important for all those who take their dog to the park.

act excited to dogs

12. Teach him what his name is

Although it’s simple, your dog is less likely to disobey you if you teach him that his name means is to pay close attention and give you eye contact.

13. Use another dog

This is like showing him a toy but you can use it if your dog doesn’t come to you. For example, if you are in the park with your dog, start playing and give attention to another dog. This will automatically make him to come to you and see why you give attention to another dog. But again this also should be avoided later on. But it can be used as a management tool in the early period of training.

dog running towards you

14. Turn to your side

This is a good posture when you call out your dog because it looks less threatening and your dog is most likely to come to you.

15. Teach touch

Touch your dog on the nose with your hand. This is actually a fun game that most of the dog likes. If it’s your dog, teaching him this game would make him come to you for playing.

teach dogs

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