6 Top Tips to Train Your Baby Bird

6 top tips to train your baby bird

A bird is one of the brainy animals you can choose as a friendly pet. Being that the case, you must make sure that your bird must know who is in charge of it and also the way to react in all situations. Most of the parrots can never be entirely domesticated as they are always retained with slight wild-side feature. With patience and consistency, you and your bird can live happily in the same shell. Keep in mind that some birds have long lifespan. So, you must teach them lesson to be pleasant, disruptive flying menace and semi-domesticated. Here are some top training tips for baby birds:

Be all set

Before initiating complete training, furnish yourself with needed tools.

  • A brawny sit on or rod that you can clutch in the hand.
  • A tiny light color towel and pin.
  • Treats, such as nuts or fruits that are not part of your bird’s regular meals.
  • Pet travel Carrier to be used in traveling.
  • According to the bird’s size choose harness and leash.
  • Bitter apple spray for daunting the bird from biting and grinding inapt stuffs like furniture, window blinds.

Be realistic

Same as you, your bird has individual preferences and personality. Some commands needs more time to keep make them trained and it requires some tricks too. First, you learn to pay attention to birds’ signal and recognize them. Keep training them consistently with short training sessions.

Handle bird efficiently

Always it is wise to start from the basics. Make them comfortable with simple touch and your holdings. Stand above them in order to remain that you are the master. Place to your finger beside lower breast of the bird to encourage stepping onto your hand with command like “Step up”. Reward them on success. Never raise them above your chest. To keep them well practices, repeat the sessions frequently. Also, stroke their toes with your fingers so that making their clippings easier. After the session completion, practice them with the words like “step down”. When it grows into a big parrot, never allows it to sit on your shoulder to avoid bites and injuries.

handle bird efficiently

Handling Birds

Offer treats

Treat must be given for appreciation of the successful activity of the bird. While rendering treat, hold them properly. Treats must be offered with finger tips facing out the sides rather than top to bottom. This protects your fingers from accidental bites.


Offering treats to birds

Towel Training

Getting your birds familiar to a towel is essential, as you need use in various situations like grooming, injury handing, and while rendering medication. Include light colored towels in all sessions of training. While using towel, hold the sides of the birds only.

towel training for birds

Towel Training for Birds

Strictly discourage anger and biting

Often birds use their beaks to balance their position. A bird loves to taste thing including your skin too. So never encourage biting, but not when they use it for their step up. Gently say, “No” when it tries to bite. When it behaves aggressively like flapping it wings, screaming, move towards them calmly and use serene words.

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