Easy Ways to Remove Ticks from Dogs!

Dog itching due to ticks

Everyone seems to have their own trick for removing a tick. These ticks indulged to spread horrific diseases to our pets. They shouldn’t be left like that instead of the DIY approach we opt for “let the vet do it”approach. But it doesn’t mean that only vet can do! Even we also can remove it if we
follow some of these steps furnished below.


Take your Tools:

Do not go wild. Be relaxed and take up your tools. All you need for the tick removal is tweezers, or your ready set of fingernails.

Be Ready to Grasp it:

Now, with the tweezers you are all set to grasp the tick. Just use it and ensure that you are gripping the tick’s head. Get the fine tip of the tweezers as close to the mouth of the tick. Never grasp the tick’s body as it leads to increase of transmitting diseases. Just pull it out. Voila!


Never Fear:

Are you worried that you left a bit of ticks behind? Don’t fret. Even if you have left a dead tick it can’t any transmit disease.


 Clean Up:

Even if you were wearing gloves also wash your hands with soap and water. It’s a must that you also sterilize your tweezers with alcohol or iodine.

Keep Watch:

Over the next few weeks closely monitor the bite area. If the area becomes more inflamed or red then quickly schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for evaluation.

Thus, keeping these easy tips in your mind you can very well remove the ticks by yourself than getting help from a veterinarian. But in case if your pet’s getting ticks frequently then it’s a must that you ask your vet about the issue. As the says go, “Prevention is better than cure”.


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