How to Manage your Multi-Pet Households


You have decided to bring home another pet, but your faithful companion, who has enjoyed the single pet-hood, may not feel comfortably to make it up with another pet. Bringing in another furry pet is not a tough job, here are a few easy to follow tips from experts to make your pets feel comfortable with each other.

Introducing your Pets to One Another

It is always essential to introduce pets to each other and it depends on the kind of animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc). The pet’s age, sex, their unique temperaments matters the most.

Make your new pet feel comfortable

Keep your new pet in a comfortable place where it can get introduced to your home. But, make sure to isolate the new pet from other pets at the beginning so that they can get accustomed to your new environment and explore your home to the fullest.

Supervise pets’ introduction

Do not leave unfamiliar pets to get along with their new world. Watching how they work things out by themselves is very important. The first impression of the pets plays a very important role in making a good start.

Reward your pets for their positive greets

Offer your dog/cat with treats as reward to their non-fearful behavior to keep them in happy mood. Pleasant introduction or relationship between pets will make an every lasting impact and positive approach.

Reward your pets for their positive greets

Keep a short introduction

Always make the beginning brief: Do not exceed it to more than 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually increase your pets meet-up and keep them relaxed & comfortable while they are together. Give them some time to get around together.

Limit your pets’ movement

Do not give the complete freedom at the beginning! Restrain them by holding near you because pets may fight if they are on their attitude; hence keep a person near each pet to restrain in case of such issues. Take an object like a stick or broom to place it between the pets when fight breaks out.

Do not punish pets

Never punish pets for their aggressive behavior as this may increase their bad behavior in the future. All you have to do is to simple get away the pets and start over after sometime again with limited meetings.

Do not hurry to prolong bonding time

Keep in mind, short introductions is long lasting when compared to long sessions that are filled with fights and tension. Be patient and understand that every pet has a unique temperament so they take time to get socialized to other pets and the surroundings. In case your pets do not integrate even after a long time, it is advisable to get professional assistance from experts.

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