Choosing the Best Dog for your Kids

Choosing the best dog for kids

Choosing dogs for kids is a very personal decision. It purely depends on Life-style of the family, budget and temperament. A chosen dog must be compatible with your family for happy life and smooth transition. Some top tips to choose right dog for your children are as follows.


Every dogs in general loves physical activities and love outdoors. But sometimes, you can’t afford those facilities for certain dogs. A dog like Dalmatians requires at least an hour of exercise regularly though they look healthy and active. Children who love to play outdoor activities will have fun with these active dogs. But children those who prefer to stay in door must find a dog with similar temperament.

Dog Life-Style

Living Environment

The dog type you choose will surely depend on the type of the living situation. Breeds like German Shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and St.Bernards tends to be best for people who have significant amount of space in their home. Also, these larger breeds must live in pet friendly environments that include large spaces and parks. People of urban areas must consider small breeds like beagle, Welsh corgi are they are more tolerant to stay in home. But specific breeds like pugs, bulldogs will respiratory problem in weather condition.

Dog Living Environment

Also, some dog breeds could trigger allergies. So, before buying a dog analyze whether chosen dog will never cause any allergies to family members. Consult with your family doctor before choosing a dog dot your family.

Grooming and Care

Each and every dog needs caring and grooming in regular basics. Especially dogs with long or curly coats have to be groomed at least twice in a week. For children, it is wise to stick with dogs that have shorter coat of hair as they require very low maintenance.

Dog Grooming and caring


The maintenance rate of the dog is more than the fee they pay for dog purchasing. As a family, you must know how much you can spend for your dog in a month. Maintenance of the large breed is more expensive as their health cost are more and they eat more. Also, they are difficult to accommodate in small places, as some apartments won’t accept them. So, initially calculate the cost for entire dog things like grooming, food, and health care so that you can actually spend for a dog.


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