Six Tips on Finding a Qualified And Professional Pet Sitter

As a pet owner and lover, you would like to take your pet wherever you go, but sometimes that is not possible. Finding a responsible individual to take care of your pets may be a good option than leaving them behind in a boarding facility. And what about a pet sitter?

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Here are some tips to find a qualified and professional pet sitter.

  1. Ask your Veterinarian: A professional pet sitter will most likely have a support network. And there is not a better place to get a recommendation than your veterinarian, especially for older and special needs pets. And a pet sitter who has a professional relationship with your pet’s doctor will give you the peace of mind that you require if there is a medical emergency.
  1. Word of mouth: On paper, anybody can look good and display their impressive credentials as a pet sitter. But the truth is that a qualified pet sitter will most likely come recommended by a fellow pet parent or a pet trainer who has past experience in leaving their pets in such hands.

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  1. Ask for references: A professional as well as a responsible pet sitter will always have list of their regular clients as well as pet services that will be willing to vouch for their professionalism. When provided with references to speak with, always make sure to ask questions related to your as well as your pets needs.
  1. Double check the contract: The said pet sitter will have complete access to your home and your belongings. So take special care while studying the contract to make sure that all agreed upon services have been included.

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  1. Let your pet to try them: Even after selecting your pet sitter that fulfills all your criteria, there are other family members such as your pet who is yet to approve them. So, ask your pet sitter to give you visit to your home to see how he interacts with your pet. There is no better way to feel at ease than knowing your pets approving your choice.
  1. Ask about emergency plans: Accidents and mishaps happen and you need to select such a pet sitter who can handle your pet under such circumstances. And for older or special need pets the sitter should disclose medication, feeding and other health related items.

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