10 Popular Dog Breeds of 2015

If you are interested in buying a pedigree dog or you just want to know the popular breeds of dog, here are the top 10 popular dog breeds in the world. Check whether your furry friend make the list!!


Beagle dog breed

Beagle is one of the most chubby, funny and gentle dog breeds in the world. As they are always naughty and fun loving, you require some patience to train these breeds using creative techniques to control them. They are interesting and most active companions for kids. Their eyes are dark brown with head always pointing down to follow some interesting trail. Beagles usually require plenty of exercise everyday to stay healthy.


puggle dog breed

This cute breed is a mix of beagle and pug. They have the similarities of wrinkles from its parent breed pug and tail of a Beagle. They are very pleasing, good at sense of humor and get along with kids, but beware of some kinds as they enjoy barking. Puggles always love live inside the house and never outdoors.


Pug dog breeds

As you know, they are preferably known as Hutch dogs, the cutest dog that makes you enjoy. They have comical flat face, wrinkles around eyes, and lovely looks that charms every owner. Pugs are very intelligent, loyal and playful and love to be the center of attention to the people, buy beware about the fact that if pugs are ignored they get heart-sick. These kinds of breeds are to be kept indoors during extreme weather conditions due to the sensitive face.


Poodle dog breed

Poodles are elegant, clever, energetic and very impressive dogs who love to play all the time. They are happy and very friendly dogs and sometimes referred as natural born clowns. Just like other dogs they also require some training and their coat requires regular grooming. Their hair needs to be clipped regularly otherwise their curly coat will be tied into knots.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever dog breed

This is a very pleasing dog breed and is very sweet and caring. Their loyalty, intelligence and stable temperament has made them admirable among pet lovers. Golden Retrievers sun-kissed coats, smiling face and enthusiastic behavior made them extremely popular. They get adapted to all environment and this is the why people love them the most.


Rottweiler dog breed

These are very robust and powerful dog breeds, having great strength and endurance. They never make friends instantly and they take wait and see attitude to get socialized to new people. However, rottweilers are affectionate to their owners and excited to get along with them. This dog should be trained with discipline in early stages in order to avoid rude or inappropriate behavior.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd dog breed

This intelligent and faithful dog is always fearless and eager to learn. They are commonly used as Police dogs as they are extremely loyal and have strong protective bonding. German shepherd requires mental and physical exercise to keep them skillful as well as healthy. German shepherds need its owners and they must not be left alone for a long period of time. They love to do any job given by its owner and always be active if given good challenges.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever dog breed

Labrador is one of the most popular breeds that are known for their loyal, loving and patient behavior. They are good natured, friendly with kids and are called as great family dogs. They get easily trained and socialized when they are puppies. They are generally used as watchdogs when they receive enough physical and mental exercise. There are short haired with medium sized greenish-yellow eyes, medium sized ears handing down with think tail. Labrador Retriever breed comes in different colors like golden yellow, chocolate brown and black.


Boxer dog breed

They are large, muscular, energetic as well as excellent watchdogs. They are good at obedience, and entertain you with their mischievous activities. Most of the dogs have docked tails and cropped ears and they are known for their love and loyalty towards the owner. They are matured only at the age of 3, meaning they have the longest puppy-hood life among other dogs in the world.

Saint Bernard

saint bernard dog breed

Here comes the giant looking Saint Bernard, which is actually a calm, kind and patient dog breed. They require spacious fenced yard and daily walks and exercises to stay fit and healthy. They look bulky, massive with thick furry coat and usually tall because of their strength. They love to be indoor and re good natured, versatile and best companion for kids. Saint Bernards are only short-lived breeds, usually they live only up to 8 to 10 years.

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