Pet Insurance should I go for it

Viewing the survey taken from all over the world, the veterinary cost of dog contributes to 30 percent of its total cost. Sometimes, if dogs met with any unexpected medical problems then the veterinary cost proportion exceeds 30 percentages.

Pet insuranceSo will Dog insurance help me to cut this cost? Perhaps, But it is trickier as every insurances.

I will tell you why later.

Now let us say the requirements for staying insured.

The age

If your dog reaches its 9th year then almost no one will come forward to insure your dog. They also won’t allow you to reinsure even if your cover lapses at any point after this age.


Insurance will never be an excuse for overlooking vaccinations. Your pet must be vaccinated at the dates it needs to be without fail. You insurer may neglect to pay you if irregular vaccination is the reason for your dogs illness.

Banned breed

A breed or cross-breed of dog banned my either government or local authority, will fail the eligibility to get insured. Also, if your dog is registered under dangerous dog act finding insurers will be a night mare.

Benefit limits

Be aware of your limits on lifetime benefits. As every insurance products dog insurance products also come with various stipulations. Understanding them clearly will help you prevent from crossing your limits which in turn leads to spend from your pockets.

InsuranceWith so many potential traps, is pet insurance worth having? Of course for many obvious reasons pet insurance products are a valid choice. It will at least help you to save less if not more. Also, for the peace of mind they provide matters. Enquiring clearly what your feline/canine friend is covered for can help to avoid nasty surprises down the track.

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