Story of Mink (Amazing Grace) who Finds Her Love and Home

Recently I have comes across a video in Facebook about Mink, a cute little girl puppy! I would like to share about her story today!

Mink is a 1 year old puppy who got tangled in a wire and was left unattended. In order to remove herself from the wire, the pity little dog chewed her back leg. WHS (Wisconsin Humane Society) came to the rescue and took her to the emergency care where they were left with no option other than removing her leg to save her life. Though the surgery was safe, Mink suffers from other problems ahead.


Mink is a 3-legged, 4-pound, Maltese mix breed who now suffers luxating patella on the remaining back leg that requires another surgery. At first when she was brought to the WHS, she was very defensive and uncomfortable with the medical handling, whereas now she is getting socialized with few people.

Mink was needed a lovable home and adopter who can spend time patiently with her until she get well with herself and the environment. All she wants is nothing but a best owner who can take care with all love and affection!!

I know it’s hard to hear her story, but now Mink is very happy as she had found her forever home!!

Yeah, the one-year old 3 legged Maltese Puppy has received 70 applications for adoption in just 24 hours and finally found an adopter. The owner of Mink has worked with several kinds of blind and handicapped dogs, and she seemed to be perfect in handling Mink. Also, she said she will be changing Mink’s name to ‘Amazing Grace’ that would perfectly suit her!!

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