How to take care of your Cats in the Summer?

Summer is the time where you should get out with your cat. It’s your responsibility that you make your cat comfortable. So here are few things listed below,

Cat’s Bowl should be of Clean and Cold Water:

As it is summer time, like us, even cats wanted some refreshing drink at times. So always toss a couple of ice cubes in the bowl for the cat. Remember to change it every day.

Cat's bowl should be of clean and cold water

Cats love Ice Hockey Game:

Want to have fun with your cat? Then, ice hockey is the best game for your cat to play with. Bat an ice cube towards your cat. Swat it back to him if he returns your serve. Thus, it will be a great fun.

Cats love ice hockey game

No High Humidity, No Heat:

Keep your home chill with fans or air conditioning during humid days. An outside water mister can give your cats a little relief.

summer cat care for kittens at home

More TLC should be given to Cats:

Some cats are more sensitive to hot weather. You can avoid this by keeping your cats cool at all times. Try to schedule your veterinary appointments and outside activities early in the morning or late in the evenings so he won’t have to travel in a sweltering car during the hottest part of the day.

More TLC should be given to cats

Do not leave your cat alone in the car:

Quick trips to the market, always take longer time than you expect. Never leave your cats in the car, even while windows opened, it won’t help him cool. During summer, even a temperature of 85 degrees (F) makes the car to shoot up to 130 degrees (F) in a matter of minutes so staying inside the car for long time is not advisable.

Do not leave your cat alone in the car

Check your Screens for Tears and Secure it:

Cats always love to stay cool on the windowsill and especially during warm weather they love to rest near windows. A cat leaning against an improperly fastened window screen may lead to accidental falling. Make sure you use safety screens installed properly on the open windows.

keeping your cats cool at all times

Monitor your Cat:

Heatstroke is a real emergency. If you think your pet has heatstroke then quickly move your pet to some cool place. Contact your veterinary doctor. Symptoms of heatstroke can be,

  • Panting
  • Drooling
  • Dullness
  • Weakness and collapsing
  • Convulsions
  • Vomiting

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