Why Do Dogs Dig and How to Get Them Stop Digging

Does your dog digs and do you feel annoyed that your garden is in mess? Have you ever tried of hiding their poop in the holes thinking that they would stop digging? Do you wish to have some perfect solution to make them get rid of this action? If you nod yes for everything, then it’s the right place for you to know something about this.

dog digging problems

Why do dogs like to dig?

We all know that dog’s digging can be completely harmful to people’s environment but for dogs, digging seems to be the best exercise and the best distraction that they can have. They help to keep them to be balanced. But sometimes, digging indicates that they feel bored and have nothing else to do. At the same time, it is common if they are in the breed who digs often.

There are several reasons behind why dogs do digging. Let’s discuss it one by one.

For Entertainment

Sometimes, dogs do this for entertainment. They do this once they learn that roots and soil playback. Below are the reasons for why the dogs like to dig for entertainment.

  • Left without companionship in backyard for long duration
  • Bleak environment with no playmates
  • No outlet for their energy
  • Active type
  • Recently seen you playing in the dig

There are some ways available to make them get rid of this activity if they ae doing this for entertainment.

  • Make your dog walk at least twice daily.
  • Make your dog tired of teaching them to fetch balls or playing something with them.
  • Practice some commands or tricks daily for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Place some interesting toys in your backyard to make your dog busy in playing.

prevent dog digging

For Hunting

Likewise, dogs may do dig for hunting animals or insects that live in your yard. Just to avoid this, focus on every single area until the boundary, even at the roots of trees and shrubs and as well in the path. Watch out the signs of animals burrowing and try to expel them out by making your garden unattractive and never try to use any products or methods which is harmful to your pet.

Soothe, Shelter, and Attention

During summer, they dig in order to feel comfortable lying in the cold dirt but they also dig during cold, wind for shelters. For their comfort level, they do near the foundation of the building or the place under the shades of trees. In order to avoid this, try to bring your dogs inside often to make them get rid of hot and cold weathers. Make sure they have contented doghouse for better protection. Provide plenty of water in a fresh bowl for their hydration purpose.

Sometimes, they may do this if they feel that they are getting attention on these acts. Remember, if they do this in your presence they it may indicate that they need your attention or has limited opportunities to interact with you.

stop dog from digging lawn

For Evasion

Dogs may sometimes dig to escape to get somewhere they like or to get something. Check if they are digging along or under the fence line, then there are chances that they may try to escape. Place larger rocks along the fence line and have made your fence have chain link under the ground along with this bury your fence one to two feet deep under the ground.

If you are tired of trying all these, then keep your dogs indoors and supervise them for bathroom breaks in a yard. In addition to this, you try allocating some of your time to consult a behavior professional for help.

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