How to stop my Dog from troubling me while I’m having my meal

Here are top 10 tips to make sure that your dog does not trouble you, while you’re eating.

1. Serving your dog at the same time.

puppy-eating copy

Leave your dog in his mat and serve him with his food so that both have your meal together peacefully.

2. Giving reward if he is not bugging.

dog head pat reward

Training your dog by giving rewards if he is quiet while you’re eating your meal with guests, then he will not trouble you in the future. Even some gentle pat on his head could make it work.

3. Keeping your food in a far extent.

laying in the carpet german shephard dog

Keep your food in a far place so that it would be difficult for your dog to reach and steal your food.

4. Playing with your dog.

play with your dog

Exercise with your dog before your meal so that he gets tired and slept instead of troubling you.

5. Chaining up your dog.


Tie your dog with a chain or rope so that it doesn’t move and disturb you. It doesn’t mean that you are giving punishment; it is keeping him with a limit.

6. Food toy.

mat training dog

Give your dog a toy so that he gets involved with it and leave you to have your meal peacefully.

7. Mat training.

mat trained dog

Train your dog in such a way that he stays in his mat while you eat.

8. Teach to leave.


Teach to leave is a way of training your dog, if you say leave once he must stop bugging or troubling.

9. Getting your dog out of bad behavior.


If your dog is having a bad behavior of jumping on you while you’re eating or at work, just lock him in a cage or a room.

10. Avoid kids to play with food

dog kids baby

Do not let kids to make your dog jump for food because kids often are used to give foods to dog by hands, letting them jump.

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