Top 4 Dog Walking Problems – How to Solve?

The daily walk for some is happy where as for others it is stressful particularly if their dog doesn’t want to walk. Although a regular walk in the morning or evening is good for both you and your dog it may not be easy if your dog is adamant. So for such people here are some tips to overcome the problem.

solve 4 dog walking problems
#1  Pulling on the walk

This is one of the common problems faced by many pack leaders. Some dog’s doesn’t want to walk but instead want to run. So use roller blades or go biking with your dog to drain that excess energy before addressing the behavior problem.Another solution is to use the Pack Leader Collar. This is not like the regular collar where it is placed on the strongest part of dog’s neck especially the lower part which helps them to pull you but instead keeps the collar at the top of the neck, giving you more control.

Pulling on the walk

#2  Distracted on the walk

Some dogs likes to stop and smell roses. And again stop to smell them again and again but you can stop this behavior by keeping the leash short and your dog’s head up. Maintain your assertive energy and stay focused on your destination. Then allow your dog to take a short break to stop, explore and relief itself. These breaks are your dog’s reward for following you instead of their nose.

Distracted on the walk dog

#3  Lunging on the walk

Are you constantly walking on the other side of the road to avoid your dog lunging at other dogs and people? Remember corrections are the key. You want to immediately correct this behavior problem and guest what? Your Pack Leader Collar can help as they are placed on the upper side of the neck to give you more control.

And do you still have problem getting your message across to your dog. Allow your friend or relative to film you while giving instructions to your dog. Watch your body language and see whether you are reacting before your dog does? And if you do then it may the anticipation of your dog’s behavior that might cause it. So try to avoid it.

Lunging on the walk

#4  Stopping at the middle of the walk

If you notice that your dog stops in the middle of the walk, then it may be because of tiredness or overheat. This may happen if you make your dog to walk too long or make him to walk in temperatures that he is not comfortable with. In such situations always ask the help of your vet. He may be the best solution for your dog.

Stopping at the middle of the walk:


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