How to Make Your Rescue Dog Feel Comfortable at Home

How to Make Your Rescue Dog Feel Comfortable at Home

See to the following availabilities for your dog, before you bring them home:

  1. Make a smooth situation at your home.
  2. Enclose a stainless steel, non-tip food and water bowls.
  3. Naming tags that contains dog’s name, your name, phone number and your Veterinarian’s name and contact number.
  4. A collar and a leather or nylon 6-foot leash that is about ½ -3/4 inches wide.
  5. Setting up a crate or kennel for your dog to feel comfortable.
  6. Brushes and combs for your dog’s coat, dog shampoo, toothbrush and paste.
  7. Good quality of safe chew toys.
  8. Flea, tick and parasite controls and nail clippers.

Useful Tips:

  • Using stainless steel or ceramic, non-tip food and water bowls, will not break or suck up the smell.
  • Using an adjustable collar is more preferable.

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Keep your Home Safe for your Dog:

Get rid of dangerous things around your house and be aware of the following things:

  • Keep away breakable objects, electric cords out of reach.
  • Also store up household chemicals and engine lubricants at safer place.
  • Keep your house and garden plants out of reach.
  • If your dog’s kennel is outside make sure for providing enough sun and shelter in the pen.

Selecting a Name:

  • Be precise in selecting a name for your dog. Let it be short with two-syllable. Make sure all your family members use the same name.

The initial days at Home:

  • Your home should be quiet.
  • Often take your dog to the garden area which would serve as his ‘toilet’. Also make sure to take him to the same spot each time he needs to go to the toilet.
  • Examine and keep relating with your dog when in shelter, this would make the dog to listen to your commands.

Children and Pets:

  • Teach your children not to get tempt and shout at dogs.
  • Play biting can be too hard for young children, so ask them to cross their hands or put them in their pockets if the dog has a tendency to play bite.
  • Make your children to learn for dog care by teaching them how to feed and groom him.


Dog’s Diet:

  • Dogs may not welcome new food from their current food.
  • The best way to introduce new food is by mixing 25% of new food with 75% of old food.
  • Slowly the proportion can be increased for new food gradually reducing the old food.

Overall Suggestions:

Rescue dogs are like the same as adopting a child, i.e. they may also have lost their parents or their original masters. When bring them home, be sure to give them safe shelter and allow them to settle first without disturbing them more. Furthermore, the dog will be more grateful for being given a happy, safe and stable home life.


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