How To Make Your Dog Stop Barking?


As a dog owner you might know by this that barking is normal and is one of the medium of communication for dogs. But sometimes excessive barking may create problem for you as well as for others. So as a pet owner, it is your duty to make your dog to stop barking with the following tips.

Correct him through a look

Tell your dog not to bark through a look, sound or a physical correction. But don’t stop there because your dog may pause and go back to what he was doing earlier. Wait till he completely obeys you and go back to what you were doing earlier.


Stay calm

Constant barking can some time be irritating, but keep in mind that you cannot always correct your dog’s behavior problem if you are irritated. Animals don’t follow unbalanced owners. And in fact, your dog will mirror your same energy. So if you are frustrated, he will be too! And barking is good way to release that energy for dogs. So be calm before you command your dog.

Stake your claim

If your dog is barking over and over again at the same object, person, situation or place then you need to step and claim that stimulus as your own. Use your mind, body and your calm-assertive energy to create an invisible wall that your dog is not allowed to cross. Do it with 100% dedication and focus and the results may surprise you

Divert him

Excessive barking is often the result of pent-up energy. So release this energy in some productive ways. If you take your dog for regular walk then, make the walk a bit more challenging with a bicycle, a backpack, or by walking on an incline. Or if you can provide more mental challenges like herding, agility training or by obedience games then it is much more effective. Find any one of these that you enjoy and which you think that your dog can participate in safely.

Get Professional help

When you brought this dog in your life, you made a commitment that you will provide the care that he needs. So prevent dog barking and other dog behavior problems by calling a canine professional which you think is the best in the profession.


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