10 Tips to defend yourself against a dog attack

Many of us have probably heard a lot of dog attack stories while some may even have faced it for themselves. In some (if not many) situations, an unexpected dog attack may result in a dangerous situation. The main reason for most dog attacks to take place is the mistake of the dog owner to not train it properly. Dogs bite due to several reasons. Even a sudden movement of humans may trigger a dog to pursue. As we have already shared the tips on how to prevent yourself from dog bites, in this article we will help you know how to face the situation of being attacked by a dog. But remember that prevention is better than cure and if you don’t want to get hurt by dogs prevent yourself first.

Stay Calm

Stay Calm Dog Attack

Many animals including Dogs can sense the fear of humans and if an aggressive dog knows you are afraid, it will give him even more confident to attack you as you will appear as an easier target when scared.

Avoid Eye Contact


It is important to not make any eye contact. Also avoid making movements and actions like waving your hand in front of aggressive dog. Instead of making movements and shouting, be motionless and calm as this will look like you are ignoring the dog letting him lose interest.

Distract the Dog

Distract the dog

If you are carrying something in your hand like water bottle, food item or any object, then just offer it to that dog. This may help distract the dog and gives you some time to move from that area.

Appear Bigger

Appear Bigger

Again you may use the objects you carry to appear bigger than the dog and take the commanding position from him. If you are not scared of dog and are appearing more powerful, the dog may probably lose its confident. It is recommended to claim your own space by doing this making it clear for the dog that you don’t want to occupy the dog’s area or disturb him.

Give something to bite

Give something to bite

If nothing seems to stop the dog from attempting to bite you, then give him something to actually bite like a water bottle, toy or something. The dog thinks like he has holding you or your body part and it has less chance to know that he(dog) is actually biting some other object and not you.

Protect your throat

If a dog is just uncontrollable and you are completely out of help, then try to protect your throat, chest, and face. Keeping your hands in fists can help protect your fingers from getting them bitten.

Face the dog

Command the dog to back away

Command the dog to back away. Dogs may listen to your command if you are not appearing as threatened by him. But don’t make an eye contact. Try to command the dog in a strict and severe manner to step back.

Fight Back

ight back if a dog is attacking you

Yes, fight back if a dog is attacking you. Attack a dog in the nose and throat. If a dog seems like tired or stunned by your kick at any time, try to escape from the spot.  You are only attacking a dog to save your life while you have no other options to escape, so try your best to defend yourself.

Use Weapons

It may not be helpful if you attack a dog in the top of his head, as many dogs have strong skulls making them face those attacks easier. Instead you may try to attack in the back of his head. You may use any sticks and other weapons to attack.

Leave the Spot

Dogs may lose interest in fighting at some points. So if you got the right time, then leave the spot slowly and carefully.

Dog attacks may cause serious problems. So after you left the incident, take necessary medical treatments and make sure you have no problems to worry anymore because of the dog attack. Also report the incident to the authorities, so that they will take necessary actions to prevent the dog from attacking anyone else.

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