7 Tips For Boarding Your Pet

It’s not always possible to take your pet along when you travel. If you could not find a family member or a pet sitter to come to your home you can always taken your dog to a boarding facility. There are many such facilities available today but the services in each of these facilities will vary. So here are some tips to choose the best boarding facility that suits your need.

7 Tips For Boarding Your Pet

1. Ask for Referrals:

Ask pet owners in your area about their experiences with boarding facilities. Make a list of boarding facilities and note down the pros and cons of these facilities which they mention. Ask also your veterinarian for suggestions.

Ask for referrals

2. Visit Them:

After you have the list, visit each of these facilities in person. Find out if there is someone on the premises always and a veterinarian on call 24/7. Reach out to the staff to see as to how friendly and knowledgeable they are about cats and dogs and meet any specific staff that will be assigned your pets care. Check out for overall cleanliness of the property as well as the enclosures and see whether these pets have protected access to outdoors.


3. Read the Rules:

Majority of the good boarding facilities will insist that your pet be up-to-date on its vaccinations. Take a copy of your pet’s health record with you when your tour these facilities. That way, if you find any facility that you like you can immediately register your animal. Also many of these facilities will ask whether your dog is vaccinated for Kennel Cough before being dropped off. And always make sure to vaccinate your dog for Kennel Cough at least a week before boarding.

Check for Ruels Pet Boarding

4. Check the Premises:

When you tour these facilities, always make sure to check the entire premises. Check whether it is properly fenced and there is no uncollected dog wastes lying around. And also check whether these premises have some dog friendly structures for the pet to play.

Fencing for Pets Boarding

5. Don’t Forget your Cat’s Needs:

Most cats, even one that lives with dogs would love a place to relax from the constant barking of the dogs. If you want your cat to be happy away from home, then check whether that particular facility that you chose has a soundproof area for cats alone. Also check whether they offer a ‘cat room’ where your pet can roam around and stretch its legs. Make sure all the litter pans in the area are clean and there is no strong scent of cat’s urine in the room.

cat’s needs per Boarding


6. Ask for a Single Room:

Make sure the boarding facility you preferred does not put two dogs in each kennel. If there is two bonded canines and if there is still space in the kennel, you can ask whether they can room together but never ever allow them to make your dog to bunk with a stranger.

single room pet Boarding

7. Ask your Pet’s Agenda:

Ask the staff in the facility about how your pet’s day will be like? How often will it be fed? How many hours it is allowed to play? Is there a trainer who can teach your dog some few things when you are away? And do they have web cams to watch your dog from far through your computer?

Pet-Boarding- agenda

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