Vital Guide to Pick the Best Cat Foods

Cats, in common need a high protein diet. By nature they have become accustomed to a carnivorous diet in the wild and the housecats also do not change their dietary needs. Cats are also called as “obligate carnivores”, means that they extremely depend on meat.

Cats need amino acids such as arginine and taurine and also preformed vitamin A, which is found only in foods initiated from animals.

The Right Food

It is necessary for the cats to have certain nutrients. The category of food depends on the cat, its age and lifestyle. If your cat spends more time indoors, it is not necessary to give them high calorie food. Nutritional need depends on the age too. Fine-tune in dietary should be made for aging cats with reduced energy. Specific food regarding their health is also necessary. Pregnant and lactating females also need different types of nutrition.

The correct cat food involves over 50 vital nutrients. These include Vitamins A and C, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. A balanced diet is more important to regulate metabolism to keep cats healthy.

what to feed your cat

Exact Amount of Food to Eat

The right amount of calories are necessary in bring up a cat in healthy weight range. Approximately, the kittens require up to 275 calories per day, an adult cats require 200-300 calories on an average, whereas overweight cats should have only 180-200 calories per day.

Top Cat Foods by Type

Wet, or Canned

All canned cat foods are rich in water, have animal based protein that cats are in need. Also the carbohydrate count is lower which is good for felines.


The best option to go in for dry cat food is because it has been proven to reduce plaque and tartar on teeth.


Soft foods are liable to be highly rich in protein and fats and also in moisture. Cats obtain moisture from their food.


Premium brands of cat foods can benefit them in nutritional value, a shiny coat, higher energy level, healthy weight, regular appetite and better overall health.

home made cat food

Homemade Cat Foods

If you are so artistic you can go in for homemade foods for cat. Make sure you take special care in preparing them. You can use raw liver, raw heart, raw muscle meat, with or without bones, egg, salmon oil, and vitamins.

Foods to Avoid Feeding your Cat

Some of the common household food may not be in the interest of your cat and some may make the cats ill or with severe health issues. Some of the household food items your cats should avoid:

Onion, Garlic – breakdowns the RBC [Red Blood Cells] of cats

Grapes, Raisins – may cause kidney failure

Milk – Sometimes adult cat’s digestive system may not process dairy products

Chocolate – theobromine in chocolates are toxic for cats

cat eating cake

Make sure you do not feed dog food to your cats, since they may become ill due to improper nutrient deficiency. Only a balanced nutrition diet will support the well-being of your cats and give them a long healthy life!

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