Fish like humans needs care especially if you are growing one. They need food, oxygen like us. And fish live longer and happier in clear water. So if you are someone who is keen on taking care of your fish then read on. . .

Cleanliness is the foremost thing that you should consider if you are growing fish in a bowl

1. Algae grow at the bottom of the fish bowl. Although it makes a good snack, you should clean it thoroughly as it gives your tank a greenish and a dirty appearance. So follow these steps while cleaning your bowl.


  • Pour 80% of the water in to another container
  • With a net, transfer your fish, ornaments and gravel into the temporary container
  • Use proper bowl to scrub the sides as well the bottom of the bowl
  • Rinse the bowl thoroughly
  • Pour the water from the temporary container into the bowl.
  • Transfer your fish, ornaments and gravel back into the bowl.

2. Fish needed to be fed at least once a day. For this, use recommended fish food. Fish food makers suggest two smaller feedings than one large feeding. And don’t put excess food in bowl as it will spoil the water and generate the need for changing of water.

use recommended fish food

3. Before placing another fish, consider the size of the bowl. Providing your fish with a companion is a good idea but you have to remember that fish require space to live. A standard size bowl can have not more than two fish.

Before placing another fish

4. Now the last thing to consider is the placement of the bowl. A fish bowl should not be placed in an area where it has risk of falling, spilling or breaking. Place it in the middle of a large table or shelf. And as a word of caution, never place your fish bowl in direct sunlight because excessive heat can warm up the water and kill your fish. So place your bowl where it receives natural light moderately.

These are some of the basic tips that you should consider while taking care of your fish.



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