10 Ways to Prevent Dog Bites

Humans and dogs have one of the most complicated relationships probably in the history of the world. We let dogs into our homes, our life, they are part of our families. We all love Dogs. But what about the preventive measures that we should take when it comes to dog bites, these are the tips to be remembered given below:

1. Dog Possessiveness can Cause Dog Bites:

Protection is the essential issue that we have to keep in our minds. We should indulge our self by training our dogs to minimize this kind of possessive behavior. Teaching them with Leave it command will surely help them in preventing aggression.

dog possessiveness

2. When Confronted, don’t Panic:

If a dog confronts you, never be panic walk confidently and quietly. Always give a defensive look whenever you come up in this situation. Don’t escalate the situation by yelling or running. All these actions can make dog threatened and aggressive.

Aggression in dogs, Dont panic

3. Dog Pain can Cause Dog Bites:

Yes, pain can literally cause the most friendliest dog to bite. If your dog has hip dysplasia, severe otitis or any chronic injury makes sure your children stay away from that area. If your dog becomes snippy for no reason make sure you schedule an appointment with the veterinarian.

dog pain can cause dog bites

4. Maternal Instincts can cause Dog Bites:

The most well trained dog can become bitter when she has puppies. Make sure your children are away from them. Respect their maternal instinct and be cautious while handling puppies. Do provide a safest place for the mother and puppies, so they can feel comfortable and safe.

maternal instict of dogs

5. Allow Dogs to Investigate you Before you Touch them:

When you are a stranger to dog, try holding your hand in a cup and make an introduction of yourself to the dogs. Be in a relax manner because dogs are naturally curious and may want to sniff you and approach slowly. This isn’t a alarming behaviour, but if you don’t allow to investigate or surprise them by touching them they may bite in self-defense.

introducing stranger to dogs

6. Do not Disturb Dogs:

Don’t awake a dog that’s sleeping, specifically if it’s not your dog. In addition, avoid disturbing dogs while they’re feeding, chomping on a bone or playing toy, or caring for their puppies.

Do Not Disturb Dogs

7. Play Non-Aggressive Games with your Dog and don’t Encourage Biting:

Playing games such as tug of war can strengthen a dog’s instinct to bite. Thereby, it allows him to feel that biting is an acceptable behaviour. So, make sure you play non-aggressive game and do make sure you don’t encourage him to bite.

preventing dog bites

8. Keep your Dog Away from Trouble Situations:

If you know that your dog doesn’t interact well with other dogs then do not take him to parks. Try to avoid your dog coming to the door, if someone comes over and knock. You are the owner and you must know your dog’s dislikes and personality.


9. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie:

It’s true that Sleeping dogs are best left alone. When a dog is shocked, he may bite out of disorientation, not even attaining who stunned him. So don’t do it. If your dog is sleeping, mildly call his name. If he is elderly and his hearing might be compromised, have a vet check him out.

don't awake sleeping dog

10. Be Good Caretaker:

It’s a must that you should be a loving and responsible caretaker. It is vital that you discipline your dog’s behaviour. Give your dog plenty of attention and make sure he knows that people are his best friends. Ignored or abused dogs are much more likely to bite people than are dogs that are showered with love and attention. Likewise, animal abuse and neglect is reprehensible, and it’s a crime. If, for whatever reason, you can’t care for a dog perfectly you should not have one.

be a dog caretaker

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