Time to make your dog’s first aid kit!


Dogs too meet accidents and as a responsible pet owner, it’s your need to have an emergency first aid kit ready at any time. Pet’s First Aid Kit can be bought from pet shops as a ready-made or you can prepare one by your own which should contain everything your dog might need when an unexpected situation occurs. And, while preparing your dog’s first aid kit by your own, it is important to make sure you’ve added everything it should unmistakably have. In order to help you on that, we’re adding this article which you can refer as a checklist for your pet friend’s first aid kit.

Phone Numbers


Your pet’s vaccination history, medical records, veterinarian’s phone number and whatever other emergency numbers you may need – keep everything in reach with the first aid kit.

Self-cling bandage


In case of injury, you will probably need a bandage to cover your dog’s wound area and using a self-cling bandage will lessen the amount of pain your dog may have to face during the removal of bandage.

Scissors and Tweezers


A pair of scissors will be helpful in cutting the bandage, gauze and clothes. Tweezers are tools that are used for the easy removal of tick and hair on dogs.

Antiseptic Powder or Spray


To deal with unexpected wounds on your dog, add antiseptic powder and wound sprays in your first aid kit. Wound sprays are usually used on wounds before bandaging the area.

Sterile Saline Solution, Ear Wash and Eye Wash

Saline Solution is nothing but a salt solution that is also used for cleaning wounds. It is important to use sterile saline solutions and if it is prepared by yourself, then make sure you have used distilled or RO purified water and uniodized salt (salt with chemicals may cause problems). It is recommended to use freshly prepared solution. Ear cleaning solution and Eye wash solution can be used in particular cases when quick need for cleaners arises.

Muzzle and Leash

Muzzle help keep the dog from harming others or himself especially when injured. Your dog may get out of control in emergency cases making it difficult for you to proceed with the first aid and emergency treatment. So, in order to keep him in control you may need the leash along with muzzle.

Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

Don’t think of concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide, because we’re talking about 3% Hydrogen Peroxide which can be used if your dog consumes a poison to induce vomiting and you have to make them drink it. You can also mix it with some eatable and let your dog consume that. Remember to contact the veterinarian and consult about how to use hydrogen peroxide in emergency cases.

That’s not all. There are lots of other things you need to add to your dog’s first aid kit including eye dropper, adhesive tape, clean towels, cotton, stretcher or pet carrier, activated charcoal, pen or flashlight, disposable gloves and nutritional supplements.

Look for the expiration dates on any products and replace them regularly. For safety reasons, keep the kit out of the reach by children and pets. Consult the veterinarian about everything on first aid kit and add things he suggests specifically for your pet.

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