Do Dogs Dream? What Do They Dream About?

Do dogs dream?

Many people’s believe that dogs have dreams. Some of the dog owners have noticed that dogs at various times during their sleep may quiver, twitch their legs, paddling, be whining and sometimes growl which gives the impression that they are dreaming seriously about something. These things may wonder us about what they are dreaming. But, scientifically it hadn’t been proved whether or not they are dreaming.

Stanley Coren, a professor of Psychology at the University of British Colombia said that dogs do dreams. He had also written in a book that dogs sleeps more than human and as well the structure of their sleep resembles the people. They do have rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement.

dog sleep patterns

Research over rats

Whereas our knowledge regarding this topic is little less. But according to MIT news, Mathew Wilson, a professor of neuroscience at MIT have researched on a relationship between the memory, sleep, and dreams. They have studied that when rats are trained to run in a circular path for food rewards, they observed that their brain creates some pattern of neurons. They repeated the brain monitoring while the rat was sleeping. Astonishingly, they observed the same activity pattern and the same speed during sleep when compared to the rats while they are awake.

what do dogs dream about

Do these apply to dogs?

Can we take what is dreaming in rats and humans, similar to dogs and cats? Wilson believes it can be true. If so, how is it possible? Let’s have a quick look.

  • Our brains are similar – The brain is quite alike on its structural level to human.
  • Similar to people, dogs enter into a deep sleep and as well have REM and irregular breathing.
  • Even dogs have been shown to have electrical activity during their dreams.


What do we know about dog’s dreams?

While we are not 100% certain about whether the dogs dream or not, but there are some facts that can make us realize that dog does have dreams.

  • No one knows why, but small dogs tend to have more dreams than the larger one.
  • Even witnessing the frightening of your dog during his or her sleep is natural, healthy and normal.
  • They usually dream about dog’s things.

Have you ever experienced the dreams of your dogs? If yes, please comment and share your experience with us.

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