6 Dog Nutrition Tips For a Balanced Diet

Building a dog’s Balanced Diet?

Just like the human, your dog also needs balanced nutrition to sustain its physical condition and wellness. Every creature needs to eat what they have to. Now, let’s see what exactly they have to eat. So, if you want your dog to be perfect, fit and energetic, then it’s necessary to make your dog’s diet as the balanced one with the following six nutrient groups such as

  • Energy and proteins
  • Fats, including the essential fatty acids
  • Vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates
  • Water

These are the basic things that Pet Food Industry Experts recommends to feed your dogs.

What does a dog's diet consist of

Pre-Packaged Foods

While purchasing the packaged foods for dogs, you need to check whether the food has the above essential nutrients. Other than this, you have to check whether the internationally standard organizations approves it. According to Pet Food Industry Experts, the nutrition of the food should be tested by giving it a considerable amount of food and ensure whether dog’s stool is well formed or not, to make sure that it gets proper nutritional density. And the other one is, your dog should look forward to eating it so the taste should be good.

Dog Nutrition for a Balanced Diet

Home-Prepared Dog Food

Recently, raw foods have reached the humans and animals more than other foods. Just like us, the dog also needs a more natural diet to keep it healthy, and as well it helps in balancing the nutrition correctly. But, before start feeding raw foods to the dog, it is mandatory to consider the following facts

  • To make the food nutritious, add an approximate variety of 50 ingredients to it.
  • Instead of serving the same muscle meat every day for your pet, ensure whether it eats a variety of veggies and meats every day.
  • Avoid the meat that contains sulphur preservatives
  • Never give the mince raw and also never cook the bones.
  • Avoid salt, onion, garlic and stock powder.
  • Make sure whether it gets all the vitamins otherwise give multi-vitamins.

Now, let’s discuss a number of essential nutrients a dog need to get.

dog diet plan


Carbs make the largest section among nutrients as it is the one that provides energy and as well it keeps the blood sugar stable. They as well contain vitamins, minerals including fiber for digestion. Find the important sources of carbohydrates and feed only the quality carbs.


The next largest segment goes to the protein which acts as the building block that creates the strong muscles for growth and maintenance. You should opt for the high-quality proteins; you can include meats, meat meals, eggs, soya bean meals and more.

dogs diet tips

Other Nutrition’s

Consider about adding fats and oil in dog’s diet as it is not only for energy but also for excellent taste, endorsing heart health and also to make the dogs look fit and shiny. Dogs need some vitamins and minerals to live active. Common fruits, veggies, whole grains and meats have these vitamins and minerals. Other than this, water is the essential source for dogs. It is highly necessary to make the water available clean and fresh all the time.

Do concentrate in providing the combination of foods and taking care of dental health. So try to follow these simple tips that can make your dog live healthy and happy for a longer period.

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