7 Blissful Ways to keep your Birds Flourishing at Home

The cheerful birds aren’t the ones given regular concentration or “rule of the roost” in your home? They are just like kids, if they are ruined they tend to behave miserably. Fortunately, we can gain knowledge of behaviour and lifestyle of birds from the expert bird possessor. To bring up a hale and hearty bird, we suggest you the following training:

#1 Set up Limitations or Boundaries:

Some owners feels like their bird bit them all time when they tried to take it out from the cage. It is only due to lack of training. The step-up command is the basic command for all training and it helps the owner to control the bird with safe and sound. This training would make the bird feel that you are the boss and it helps reduce more unsuitable manners.

bird care tips and training

#2 Inhibit 1-Person Connection:

The step-up command will make a smooth line, avoiding fear between the bird and its human handlers. This moral should also be trained for whole family of the handler, so that the bird feels more comfortable and safe with entire family members.

#3 Be Practical with Awareness:

At the beginning, when some new owners bring birds to their home, they would spend more time with them. Later, when they are not able to spend much time with their bird, they get appalled at their bird’s appeal for attention. So begin to interact with your bird with the amount that you can anticipate to continue after it has been trained. At the same time, be sure not to ignore your bird in the course of first few weeks. Also be sure to create a safe connection.

#4 Develop a Healthy Diet:

A good nutritional basis is very important for the birds once you bring them home. Offer him some foods that soothe him, until he adjusts to your new home. Evade ruining your bird with more seeds, or too much of any one food that your bird is fond off. See our nutrition article “Nutritional Beginnings.”

Healthy Diet for Birds

#5 Make your Home Bird-Proof:

Birds are very cheerful with the visual, audio and the surroundings when played outside the cage. But, birds use their mouths to taste and discover all things around them at least once. So, make sure your home is bird-proof. Electrical wires, pets, plants, poisonous substances, chemical fumes and other dangerous things might be harmful for birds.

#6 Give him Respect/Value:

Birds ought to have respect also. Lights, noise, television or conversation after your bird’s bedtime would surely lead to behavioural problems because, bird frequently look for hiding place in the wild. Avoid mockery or making fun of your bird. Make sure to give your bird a quiet and peaceful experience when brought home.

#7 Keep things Interesting:

Try to put out some interesting things around him, from foods to toys, from speech training and to regular adventures. Keep changing the toys and perches in his cage often. Introduce new treats in challenging his intelligence. Let your bird also travel with you in his carrier whenever possible. Let him enjoy the shower with you. Give him social communication with other people also other than your family members. Present him variety of nutritious food. This way your bird will lead a healthy and pleasurable life.

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