5 Welcome – Home Tips for your New Pet


You’ll all be energized at bringing a new pet to your home. It is very necessary to make them feel comfortable at your place. Here we give your few tips on how change your home as a secure place for your new pet.

Give some area of safety to your pet

Your pet might be happy with all of you, yet it may need some safe space for itself to rest in. The space you create may be a coop, pen or even a full room. It should make your pet feel comfortable and safe. This place will slowly help them know their limits and areas.

Enable certain arrangement for your pet

When a new pet is brought to your home, it is like a new kid. It would certainly take time for them to learn the rules and make themselves fit to the circle. Dogs, require a repeated boundaries and rules, whereas cats are consistent with they are being expected. Sometimes the pet might not recognize the rules and they might hide themselves under the bed or behind a chair to make them comfortable. At any point don’t drag them out until they come out.

A constant training and helping the pet to make them understand their role will give you good benefit in making them comfortable and confident faster.

Prefer things of your pet’s need

All pet animals prefer their own bowls, toys and rest place. Dogs require their own food and water bowls that don’t move ore slide around. Cats prefer a large bowl which is enough to seat its whiskers without disturbing them.

Both cats and dogs like movable toys. Cats love to play with balls chasing them. In addition dogs are fond of chew, selecting a chew toy made of rope or hard rubber will be safe for them from swallowing. Resting spaces of your pets should make them comfortable whenever they are in. You might place some toys in it too. Dogs like beds and crates, whereas cats like to be up high and keep watching out.

Intro to your family members

Introducing your pet to other members in the family should be handled very slowly. Pets like dogs and cats sniff at things, so put some dirty laundry of your house members at their rest place where they can get used to a person’s smell. Likewise, when having more than one pet you could make each other comfortable by scent swapping. You could place a fabric of one of your pet’s onto another’s place. This way you could slowly make them understand about the other members of your house.

Maintain a practical expectations

You and your pet are new together. You would be so excited and prefer everything should be perfect all at once. But this perfection is not practical. It will surely take time for your pet to get to know them what to do and what not to. Any change would take place gradually. It would certainly take time for your pet to learn that you are going to provide food, shelter and love forever. So be kind and fair to them.



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