20 Questions to Ask Before You Foster a Dog

Dog Foster

Fostering pets is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have in their life as well as one that you should encourage others to do. But you can learn some good lessons along the way.

In order to have a better experience for the foster parent, rescue organization as well as for the dog, it is essential that all parties should communicate and be clear of their expectations and responsibilities.

Here are some important questions to ask the shelter or the rescue group before signing up to foster and don’t be surprised if the rescue group doesn’t have answers for all your questions because each organization has its own procedures.

Questions to Ask about the Dog

  1. How did he come to the rescue group and how long has he been there?
  2. Why he need a foster home now?
  3. Does he need any medication or has he any medical concerns?
  4. Is he been neutered or spayed? If not, when will he be?
  5. Does he been tested for diseases like heartworm and is he been up to date on his vaccinations?
  6. Since conditions like upper respiratory infections and kennel cough cannot be tested for, how long should I keep him from my own pets?
  7. Does he have any behavioral problems? If yes, then, how are they dealt with?
  8. Do you have any idea how he is with cats, dogs, kids and with strangers? Can we meet him before I commit to fostering him?
  9. How does is he behave when left alone? Is he crate trained?
  10. Is he housetrained?

Foster Dog

Questions to ask about the Fostering Process


  1. How long should I foster him? If it’s until a home is found? How long should that take?
  2. What if I can no longer care for him?
  3. Who pays for medical bills if they arise? Does it include treatment for my pets also if they catch something from the foster dog?
  4. What to do in the case of a medical emergency?
  5. Who is responsible for communicating with potential adopters and introducing the dog to them?
  6. Do you expect me to bring him to any adoption events? If yes, then where and when?
  7. Will you provide food, litter, supplies and medications or will I be required to?
  8. If there is a problem with me, whom should I contact? If I leave a message how sooner will that person get back to me?
  9. If my foster dog seems to be unadoptable then, what happens?
  10. Can I adopt him if I want to?

So, having known these questions let us be prepared the next time it happens.

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