How to Keep your Dog Cool in the Summer

How to keep your dog cool in summer

How to keep your dog cool in the summer

Generally dogs are more susceptible to heat and they suffer from the stress of heat more than humans as they cannot sweat. Also, dog’s coat is not suitable for warmer climates. Few dogs that have snub-noses fall sick, as they get exposed to overheat and their health becomes bad due to breathing difficulties. Since the summer has started, it is probably the good time to keep your pets healthy and be protected from the warm climate.

Here are a few healthy ways that could keep your doggies cool in the summer:

  • Offer him a shallow pool! Your dog may love to cool down by standing or lying in the water. You may also keep your kids clam-shell like tub that would be comfortable for your pet to play and rest on it.
  • Avoid taking him to the walk during 10 am to 4 pm, as the sunlight may burn his coat and foot.
  • Provide a fan near him, may be a table fan or so, which might be switched off by just knocking on it.
  • Keep an elevated bed, so that he would feel cozy over it.
  • Do not leave your dog in the car. Even it is for five mins, the temperature inside the car can rise rapidly.
  • Provide two or more water bowls made of stainless steel instead of plastic and refill the bowl frequently with fresh water.
  • Take some water bottles from the freezer, wrap it with a towel and keep them near the places where your dog rests.
  • Make some chill snacks may be you can freeze the regular dog food or any food item that is free from salt or onions and store it in tins to serve him when necessary.
  • If your dog rests in the garden, allow him to dig a hole where he feels cold.
  • Finally here is the simplest of all, Hang some wet towels around your dog’s place, to create an artificial air conditioner.


Hope you have enjoyed reading these tips? And, I guess these will keep your furry friend with a better and healthy living! Do you also have some advice to keep dogs cool over these summer days? If so, just share it here!

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