10 Most Amazing SEA Creatures ever Discovered!

Here is an awesome collection of the most amazing deep sea creatures ever discovered in the universe!!

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10. Red-lipped Batfish

It is an unusual fish found in Galapagos Islands, and it uses its fins to walk on the ocean floor since it is not very good at swimming.

red-lipped batfish sea water creature

Red-Lipped Batfish


9. Christmas Tree Worms

They have brightly colored crowns and its body structure has network of “leaves” around its tubular body which are used for catching prey.

christmas tree worms sea water creature

Christmas Tree Worms


8. Giant Oarfish

This is told to be the largest bony fish in the universe having a length of about 36 feet. It has the capability of diving deep into the sea as long as 1000 meters or more.

giant orfish sea water creature

Giant Orfish


7. Leafy Seadragon

It is found on the southern coast of Australia and are camouflaged meaning they have disguised behavior. They use their unique fins to maintain an illusion as if they were seaweed.

leafy seadragon sea water creature

Leafy Seadragon


6. Firefly Squid

They are skilled with bioluminescence (photo-sphore) meaning they can product light through their organs in tentacles. During daytime they survive deep into several hundred meters whereas at nighttimes they float at the top surface of the water. Large number of firefly squids can product big amount of blue light in the sea.

firefly squid sea water creature

Firefly Squid


5. Pink Sea-Through Fantasia

This creature in found in the western pacific ocean of Celebes Sea and is one of the rarest translucent sea animal. They look similar to jelly-fish, but they can travel up 3000 feet from the ocean to search prey.

pink sea-through fantasia sea water creature

Pink Sea-Through Fantasia


4. Sarcastic Fringehead

This is an aggressive territorial fish also known for its dominance and they use their over-sized mouths to fight against other fringe heads.

sarcastic fringehead sea water creature

Sarcastic Fringehead


3. Barreleye

This is a kind of fish that has huge, drum-shaped eyes that are similar to binocular as it can rotate it forward, upward and has the skill of detecting silhouettes at far distances to catch them for prey.

barreleye sea water creature



2. Mimic Octopus

It is a kind of remarkable sea creature that has the capability of imitating other sea animals. Like cephalopods, it can change its skin pattern, color, according to the background. They can trick the prey and has the ability of fooling predators.

mimic octopus sea water creature

Mimic Octopus


1. Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp is named as super-boxer since gives the biggest and powerful punch. They are remembered as Mike Tyson of the ocean. Hope you like these amazing creatures and these deep sea species are surprising and their facts are obsolete!

peacock mantis shrimp sea water creature

Peacock Mantis Shrimp


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